Shadowy Figures



On my extremely wet trip to the Kitchener Market today I saw this sculpture on Benton. I’m not sure when this was done, but I hadn’t noticed it before today.  I love how subtle it is.  I pointed it out to my sister and it took her a while to see it.  Not pictured is an individual figure on the street below, but if you were walking by you most likely wouldn’t notice the figures above. I love the surrealism of this.  It makes a cool photo as well!



K-W lawn art


On our dog walks we always walk past this interesting sculpture on the front lawn of a house in suburbia.  Its so detailed and creative- the artist has included the piano peddles and music stand and even a candelabra for ambiance.  Iv’e seen this a million times and I still love to stop look at it. I think its made of driftwood, and it looks like the artist used the logs as is and designed the sculpture around the natural shape.  You can tell that this pianist has become part of the family- they always dress it up for different holidays, like Santa Clause at Christmas, they give it a Halloween costume, New Years Eve hat etc.  Today he is looking dapper in a top hat and tuxedo cuffs. I love that this sculpture makes the house stand out as unique and says something about the creativity people who live there.