Cool Artistic applications for photographer, illustrators etc

Just visited Photo Media Decor today, and offshoot of Lumichrom in Breslau.  They do interesting print applications on a wide variety of substrates;  brushed aluminium, wood, plexiglass, even stone tile, flooring… endless possibilities.  You can get really creative with mixed media and they work with artists to create unique pieces.  I certainly have never seen anything like it and I’m so inspired by the possibilities.  I met a girl whose job is to experiment with different product applications for their digital printing, she gets to play with all kinds of materials just to see what happens.  Amazing.  My favourite was a huge print image taken by the Hubble space telescope printed on brushed metal with strategically placed squares of plexi,  it looked like it was printed on copper!  I kept gravitating toward a photograph that was printed on plexi that looked like it was glowing.  The subject of the picture itself was not pretty… it was of a pile of some industrial material that reminded me of the piles of material along the banks of the St. Clair river where my parents now live.  The image should have been ugly, but the way it was printed made it beautiful.  You really have to visit their store front to get a sense of how beautiful these applications are, their brochures do not capture the light and reflectiveness of the substrates.