Presenting Today- needed a bit of guidance.

Some tips for presenting your design to clients.


Graphic Novels

I’ve been more and more into graphic novels lately. I like the ones that aren’t so classic so to speak. Persepolis was the first graphic novel I ever read and I loved it. Highly recommended. Next: Ghost world- watched to movie first, loved it, read graphic novel, loved it more. Daniel Clouses = genius. A few Frank Miller books- not quite my cup of tea, but I do like his angles and his contrast. Next: Coraline, I Kill Giants, Maus, Blankets and  Habibi. Summer Reading list.  Oh and I should probably finish Ulysses, I started two years ago.ImageImage






Talking Funny

Jerry Seinfeld said one of most inspiring things I’ve ever heard.

Ricky Gervais hosted a show called talking funny. It was genius to hear him, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Louis Ck discussing the magic of comedy, because they had wildly different perspectives on what that was.  Comedy is definitely an art form, and is as subjective as any other. Thats why what Jerry and Louis said at one point struck such a chord with me and I carry it with me.

Louis CK starts with saying “did you ever struggle, feel like you weren’t good ever, in the beginning?”

After a bit of back and forth, and Jerry explaining that the first time he went on stage he did five minuets and sucked for five minuets, Louis asked “well what happened between your first and second show, what made you go back on?”

“Well all I had to do was do it once, and really success wasn’t my objective, it was just, I want to be one of those guys. If I could be one of those guys, I win everything. Once I stepped on there the first time, thats it, I’m now one of these guys, and I’m just going to keep doing this.”

Louis concurred: “when I first started out in Boston, I wanted to be one of those guys, and I didn’t care if I sucked at it”.

Jerry concluded by saying “that is a very successful attitude, you just want to be one of those guys”.

If you want to be something, be it, and you will be. If you quit, you won’t be.

We all suck when we take on something new. Doing it will make you better every time. I’m thankful that I don’t have an audience yelling “you suck, get off the stage!” like every comedian has experienced.

Milton Glaser on Q with Jian Gomeshi

At, on the website for the radio show “Q”, you will find a fantastic new interview with famous designer Milton Glaser. He has created a poster for the new season of Mad Men, and he explains why he was hesitant to revisit the style associated with that era that he made famous. Been there, done that.Image

I love it when well versed and seasoned people give advice. Milton’s advice:

– only work for people you like

-stay fresh or people will get bored with what you do and so will you

-Consider the importance of the spaces between objects, because objects lose their meaning without context- discover the mysteries of the spaces between objects and you will create something original ( my favourite).

-We are in a collage sensibility- the instinct is to find what is already there, but it doesn’t replace the ability to create by bending what is already there to fit into the larger artistic vision (draw things).

-Style: just a tool to convey what you want to at the time for a specific project- don’t get too attached to one. It’s a way of working rather than a form of truth.

The correspondence between money and art is a mischievous one. The value is the effect of the art. ( referencing his I heart NY poster, which was pro bono.)

-a sense of affection- between the object designed, yourself and the public. Its the fundamental role of communication to others. ( loving NY- for example).

-art is not the intention of the artist who made it, its the way its perceived by others.

-The great thing about life as an artist is that you can keep going all the way- you can keep going until the end. There is no retirement.


In his 80+ years, he has gained a lot of wisdom.  I will for sure read his books.



300: the rise of an empire came out and I was super excited to see it.  I loved the first one, not just the story and the way it was handled, but the visuals! The desaturated colour looked so great and payed homage to Frank Miller’s original artwork without committing to black and white. The bright, blown out highlights and the dark, inky shadows interspersed with the muted tones was incredible.  Very glad to see the same treatment in the sequel. the desaturation also makes the vibrant red blood that much more vibrant and red!

Comic Jam

Many thanks to Colleen Temple, who organized the Guelph Comic Jam ( last Wednesday of the month, OX Cafe). It was tones of fun and I met some interesting people! One guy is making a Ninja Turtle documentary was happy at our positive reaction to his buddy crime comic story about a detective and his partner who is a vulgar talking cactus. Yes a cactus. But it worked and I hope he pursues it. Colleen also got some press from the local paper after the first Comic Jam!